Dunlop Geomax At81 Desert RC

Bias Ply Motorcycle Tires That Offer More All-Round Performance Plus Higher Levels of Ruggedness for Off-Road Racing and Riding.


  • Rear tread block shape and distribution plus DGD knobs
  • Newly formulated high-wear-resistant rear tire compound and four nylon ply carcass
  • Lateral grooves on the shoulder knobs
  • Rear center blocks arranged in-line
  • Dunlop's "plush pad" recess design between tread blocks


  • Helps tire penetrate down through the surface dirt for extra traction across a broad range of off-road applications
  • Offers enhanced chipping, tearing and wear resistance
  • Provide additional biting edges and also allow the knobs to be more flexible
  • Provide a larger contact patch for maximum traction
  • Enhances compliance for bump absorption and ride comfort


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